redneck life game board
is a game that takes
you on a winding journey through the swamp, across the river, through the mudbog and cornfield, around the lake, through the woods, and finally ariving at the green grasses of the family reunion! Designed by rednecks, for hop in your race car, roll the dice and begin the journey!!
Game Contents
Game board, 2 dice, 6 race cars (orange, blue, yellow, purple, green, and pink). 12 job cards, 20 cow pie cards, 20 beer cards, redneck money, and loan slips
redneck money
Redneck money! Yep, just like in your real redneck life, you've got money, but not a lot. In fact, you start the game broke. But don't worry, there's paychecks along the way. Make a mad dash to the family reunion, and if you're first, you get $3,000! The player with the most money at the end wins.
Denominations: $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000, loans
beer card for redneck life
Beer Cards! If you land on a beer space, draw a beer card, and good things will happen in your redneck life.
cowpie card for redneck life
Cow Pie Cards! If you land on a cow pie space, draw a cow pie card, and bad things will happen in your redneck life.
cowpie card for redneck life
Job Cards  Plumbers crack! Twelve jobs to choose from in your Redneck Life. A roll of the dice at the beginning of the game decides your job. An even roll, and you get to choose a high school grad job, an odd roll and you get a high school dropout job! Jobs include Plumber, Sheriff, Town Drunk, and many more!
Only $19.95 (plus S & H)
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